r girl bubble tea, very good Tasting a CRISC Certification face, his face has a touch of smile. Well To drink your own down Finished, completely ignored Lin Dong, turned into the room into the bang of the closed, no more voice came. This Lin Dong see, a bit speechless. Did not think that temper was so staunch. Howev.er, the body is also very hot it Hey, fairy s character is like this, since ten years ago, Isaca Certification parents died, temper became like this, but I can see, she is very concerned about me. The first sigh slightly. Parents died, you should not be here to fight it How could this Lin Dong heard, completely confused. How could this parents die This world, but a small world, they see is completely a world without fear of it Comprehension of the years of how long, how could I know CRISC Certification it exam what you want to say, we are comprehension for those who have a long time, but this you do not know, this thing, but also from a long time ago to say it Precedent to.see through the Lin Dong The mind, the face becomes regretful. Come here, you are here to find who, I can help you. Finally, opened the topic. Predecessors, I came here is to seek your help.This month, China has been no peace. Just began to appear a man claiming to Garnett, with the strength

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